Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: How much does it cost to advertise in Coffee News?

A: The cost is $30 a week and we invoice monthly for the weeks you’ve used.

Q: How many locations to you distribute to?

A: We distribute to over 80 different locations around Northland. However, I would like you to look at it this way… Of the thousands of copies of Coffee News printed EVERY WEEK and the fact that readers choose to read Coffee News and read the ads in Coffee News what type of engagement do you think Coffee News has compared to other print media options available?

You aren’t lost in the middle like with a newspaper… you are on the front or the back and guaranteed coverage by consumers!

Q: How many editions to you publish?

A: Right now we are two editions – The Far North and Bay of Islands. However, both editions are currently joined into a single publication due to returning to the market in Northland.

Q: What benefits do advertisers get?

A: Advertisers reap the benefit of business category EXCLUSIVITY. It’s a Coffee News policy to never publish a businesses direct competition. If you advertise and your an accountant… we won’t publish another accountant in our publication while you’re advertising with us!

We also give benefit by not charging for ad design or any changes and we convert the images you provide to us to be print ready at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

Q: How often do you publish?

A: Coffee News is a weekly publication, we print 1,000 copies and distribute them throughout Northland once a week.

Q: Who are your distributors?

A: Our distribution list can be found by clicking here

Q: Can I buy a double sized ad?

A: Yes, with Coffee News Far North you may buy a double-ad. However, should we need the second ad slot for another advertiser we reserve the right to cancel your double-ad and reduce you to a single.

Q: How long should I advertise?

A: We often recommend you trial Coffee News for 12 weeks with a 30 day written cancellation notice at the end of your 12 week period. The reasoning for our recommendation is that businesses DO NOT see significant advertisement impact when advertising under 12 weeks.

12 Weeks is our shortest advertising period with 12 months being our longest.

Q: How do I pay for advertising?

A: We recommend bank transfer. However, we accept Cheque and Credit Card through PayPal.

Q: I own a restaurant and wish to advertise… can I?

A: The short answer is no… However, if you happen to do catering we make an exception and will advertise your “catering” business.

Q: I want to distribute Coffee News. How do I do that?

A: Simply e-mail aj@coffeenews.co.nz or ring 021 127 8685 additionally you can visit the contact page and submit an enquiry via the online web form.

Q: Is it safe to enter my details into your online web forms?

A: Yes, we utilise SSL security as well as other measures to ensure we do the utmost possible to ensure your browsing is private and your personal information cannot be used by anyone, anywhere else!