Why should you become a distributor?

It’s free first of all… your business reaps the benefits and rewards of providing a free service for your patrons to enjoy.

It is a well-known fact that the readers of Coffee News enjoy the publication so much that they regularly visit businesses that stock it!

Coupled with the publication being free for patrons’ it is free for businesses to distribute.

We don’t like to just promote business for our advertisers we want to promote business for our distributors also.

When you become a distributor with Coffee News in the Far North & Bay of Islands we provide you with a stand that is easily recognised by the local community. People know that your business stocks Coffee News – it’s free and you welcome them warmly into your establishment. “It’s a win, win for everybody”.

Benefits of distributing Coffee News?

  • Free weekly updated publication for your patrons to enjoy
  • Free stand to stock the publication in
  • Weekly editions are delivered to your business by Coffee News… once again for FREE!
  • We list you on our website as a distributor with your address to encourage regular visits to your                  business by loyal customers.